Welcome to Bobby’s Footprints

14518536_10153675071927030_1108287155_nWelcome to Bobby’s Footprints. I started this blog to find my voice following the loss of our son Bobby on June 4th 2016.

Throughout my pregnancy and in the early stages of grief, I have found ways to survive and cope as best I can. As a couple, we made a commitment to live life without Bobby as best we can and for his legacy to be a positive one amidst our devastation. My son has taught me so much about life, humanity and strength in the face of heartbreak. By sharing my journey, it would give me great joy to help other families, particularly mothers, who are facing into this very difficult journey.

Bobby leaves footprints for me every day in the form of new experiences, new connections, lessons,  hope and incredible love and support.14483780_10153675065582030_1018551378_n

Bobby’s Footprints is my way of sharing these footprints to help other families on similar paths to know that there is hope amidst this terrible heartbreak.